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no - you can not test and tune and optimise

the average joe can not test and tune and optimize engine internals
they have no clue how to disassemble then reassemble an engine from a car built later than around 2000 , let alone the tooling .

so for the average joe
the software you are promoting is right next to
useless ,
worse than that it may / will cause people to begin projects that can never be successful because the average joe has no theory and no tools to use the info that may be gleaned from the software and to apply it to his car

and because the software in his car will be angered by his tampering and he will not be able to comprehend why , should he get the whole mess running again , however unlikely that really is .

on the other hand
scan tool software can measure simple modifications to intake / exhaust / aerodynamics / suspension to verify improvement or lack thereof and
it is much more likely that the average joe can apply that data to his tampering along with the limited tooling and level of theory that the average joe has

this forum is or appears to be all about the average joe
they average joe would be better served spending the dollars on tools and scan tools and studying up on theory BEFORE delving into re engineering the engine in his car .

pain is a good teacher but it is better to learn the lesson without the pain

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