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Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
Computer-controlled carburetors never made any sense at all.
nope not at all every one ive owned never ran right mine the idle like to wander from 475rpm to 1000rpm on idle but even with that issue i still managed to squeak out 18mpg and thats with no ecomods but allot of coasting and planning on the routes i take when running errands . im thinking by replacing the 3 speed tranny/transfercase (truck was originally 4wd but was converted to 2wd) i should be able to break 20mpg easy by being able to keep the truck in optimal rpm range and probably losing over 200lbs (current trans and transfer case are cast iron and im also gonna use a aluminum driveshaft when i do the swap) im also gonna shave a little more weight by replacing the wooden floor in the bed with some thing gauge sheet metal and some cross bracing for strength.
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