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Nice, my daily right now is a 2001 V70 but I also have a 73 145, which surprisingly had electronic fuel injection. The Bosch D-Jet technology, before they went to the mechanical k-Jet.

I love how over engineered that wagon is. 4 piston front calipers and two piston rears. With each set of pistons in the front controlled by separate circuits in event of failure on one. Try finding that on anything but high end sports cars these days.

It's been in a state of "Restoration" or as the girlfriend calls it "Taking up space in the garage" for about the last 8 years. Camshaft gear sheared off and thrashed the distributor as well, so I decided to tear the whole engine down and well never got back around to putting it back together. But one of these days, and I even have a megasquirt for it so I'll get to program the fuel injection completely. But that's another story for another time.
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