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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
...Arragonis -- Is that you in the profile pic, or Isambard Kingdom Brunel ?
Yes it is me, well no it is Brunel.

On another forum we were discussing the effects of immigration - the idea being that it is always bad. The example of Brunel tends to be a clincher here - his father, Marc, did a load of good things for Britain and was a foreigner settled here (a refugee from revolutionary France), and technically his son was from an immigrant family but didn't do too badly either

The picture is one of a series made by Robert Howlett an early photographer - I have another one of him leaning a little more on the chains over my desk as a reminder of what can be done

I also have a large picture of Mallard over my fireplace from a challenge by Mrs A when we had our house decorated - in fact this one:

I like the idea of the "chep" in the foreground admiring the engineering and perhaps having a small "crisis" with it all.
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