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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
Hey, YOU'RE the one making the claims. It's not up to me to do the work of providing supporting evidence.
Hey, YOU are claiming it is possible to go 15% year on year - that was the original claim. I say this is bollocks for most people. Prove it isn't.

Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
I'd also question the claims of abandonment - unless, of course, they're counting all the old Aermotor-type wind pumps from the early 1900s. Used to drive through Altamont Pass regularly, and those turbines aren't abandoned.
Oh - ok, I read the link above too.

Altamont's turbines have since 2008 been tethered four months of every year in an effort to protect migrating birds after environmentalists filed suit. According to the Golden Gate Audubon Society, 75 to 110 Golden Eagles, 380 Burrowing Owls, 300 Red-tailed Hawks, and 333 American Kestrels (falcons) are killed by Altamont turbines annually. A July, 2008 study by the Alameda County Community Development Agency points to 10,000 annual bird deaths from Altamont Pass wind turbines. Audubon calls Altamont, "probably the worst site ever chosen for a wind energy project." In 2004 the group unsuccessfully challenged renewal applications for 18 of 20 Altamont wind farms.
So we have a site that only works 2/3 of the time, and given that renewables only do 40-60% of capacity we can cut that by a half, and the grid HAS to accept anything it makes because of FITs and deal with it however it arrives and maintain a working grid.

Hawaii’s Future? Abandoned Solar Farms Clutter California Desert > Hawaii Free Press > Articles Main

Weed-Covered, Neglected Solar Park: 20 Acres, $11 Million, Only One And Half Years Old!
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