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DFCO for non-DFCO cars.

I know many people don't have Deceleration Fuel Cut Off (DFCO) on their cars. DFCO is useful to have when coasting and light braking is desired, like when coasting up to a light and you think you'll need to stop.

DFCO detects a geared deceleration, sometimes by torque and sometimes using other methods...

This thread is to develop an OPEN SOURCE upgrade circuit to add DFCO to non-DFCO cars at low cost.

I have a simple notion that first we'll talk about how that might behave, and what the systems and logic are. Then, we'll combine skills to work out the logic and connections, design a PCB and software or whatever we decide is required, then we'll test it, and finally make a few and see how they work.

At every stage the knowledge, designs and so forth will be freely available for the benefit of the community.

To begin, does anyone have a good knowledge of the issues involved with adding DFCO to a non-DFCO car?


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