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Hey, is there anyway to retrofit a drive axle to the rear wheels of a front wheel drive car? Adding cv joints and all that stuff, and then mounting a motor to it and affixing it all to the empty spare tire well?

Or any way to power the rear wheels without resorting to poor performance expensive hub motors? Id like to do it on the cheap and power it by 48-72volt lead acid system. It'd be a low performance system geared to 40mph and 10 or more miles of electric range.

Weight is an issue so it'd be 200lbs of lead acids that would provide a constant background assist at higher speeds. This would increase my mpg by displacing the minimal amount of throttle needed on level ground. Say if i held 65mpg at 55mph, maybe i'd get 85mpg at the same spot.

If i can scavenge the materials and make it as low cost as possible for every 1mpg gained i would see a better return of my investment as opposed to larger motors and lithium packs.

As an added benefit, the 48volt system batteries, controller, etc (and possibly the motor) would be easily dismantled from my car and installed into an electric motorcycle.

Anyways that is the low cost system i've been contemplating for the past few months.
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