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Originally Posted by trikkonceptz View Post
I say try it, I have been using Acetone in my vehicle for the past three months, it gave me an initial 4mpg boost @ 1mL per gallon and has remained consistent ever since. My car didn't seem to like it when I went to 2oz per gallon, but each vehicle may react differently to the mixtures. Optimal for me is 1oz per 10 gallon and along with my driving techniques and simple mods I have gone from 27mpg to 45mpg, (Check my Logs)

I also recently did a blind test on my wife car, and we also saw a 4mpg jump in it and then a 7mpg drop with the subsequent tank w/o Acetone.

So best not to take anyones word for it, try it. A 1 or 2 tank test will not harm your engine and of course once you stop all conditions return to normal. But without it I would not be at the MPG levels I am at now with my automatic ...
hmmmm..... How does 1/3785th of a gallon additive translate into a 4 mpg boost? Answer: it doesn't. You filled the tank with more gas when you did the acetone test than you did without the acetone. Blatant proof is you have a 3 mpg drop below your base line without the acetone.

To truly top off a tank you have to fill it to the top of the neck. Then you have to put the cap back on and bounce and rock the car around to get the fuel to displace trapped air in the tank. You will have to do these two steps a few times. I have found I can pack an extra .7 gallons in my car that way. To get a consistent mileage reading you also need to do this each time you fill up. You also have to do it from the same pump having your car face the exact same way to rule out influence of slope of the pavement.

Also your wife has a 2006 car and your mileage is only 5.3% above EPA. To do this poor with my car I have to drive around with my foot in it almost all the time and my car was built back in 1985.