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Whew I probably should not step into this one . I never liked the idea of a hone and re-ring. You have a wear pattern with the ridge at the top of the cylinder and cylinders do not wear in a circular pattern, more oval with the least wear where the wrist pins slide into the piston. I have seen pistons burned down the sides from a hone a re-ring. New rings like to break fairly quickly when the now new top of the ring meets the ridge in the block.

The best way to check is to see if the ring end gap is still in specs. If not you need to do a thorough check over and probably bore the block. Why not since you are already there with most of the stuff removed already.

Warped heads due to overheating, or burnt valves and a lot of miles are all reasons to bore that block.

I never heard of a bent cam, at least in Nissans, but I have heard about a warped head that was surfaced and then it broke the camshaft in half a short time later. Most reputable machine shops know this and they will try to heat the head and get most of the bend out. then machine out the rest, but for cam in head engines the tolerances are low.

Another thing is to keep the old head gasket and match it to the new one, as well as the block, and head. You want to make sure there are no blocked passages with the new gasket. Sloppy work and debris can really kill this job very quickly.

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