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Originally Posted by plasticuser View Post
Hi all,

I have been looking at my huge F150 side mirrors, which are a square foot each, and I know I can do better.

I have decided to make some fiberglass replacements that meet the legal requirements for seeing 200 ft behind me, but which are far aerodynamically smaller, to reduce drag.

I've watched a lot of wind tunnel tests, re-watching again and again what happens with the air over the mirrors and it is a mess. I think I might be able to do better.

I'll make some models and post some photos and take ideas and feedback. I'll make more models...

The idea here is to work out what is more efficient, and doesn't create turbulence right against the glass where you can hear it.

Has anyone already done any work like this?
Subaru and AeroVironment choose to move their mirrors outward into slower air away from the A-pillar area where air velocity is highest.
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