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Can '80s 'muscle' be ecomodded?

Going to try to improve on the improbable.
1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass one of the last of RWD body on frame midsize V8 coupes.
140 odd horsepower of smogged to death goodness pushing ~3500lbs
It may be a hopeless challenge but someones got to try

The good.
Fairly sleek body design, can easily reach triple digit speeds.
The bad.
Whoever thought an electronic carbuerator was a good idea needs their head examined.
The ugly.
Can you believe GM stuck 2.14:1 final drives in these cars. 0-60 with a sun dial, but cruising with traffic and the tach staying well below 2Krpm always gives me a fuzzy feeling.

Original EPA was 17/23, revised is 15/21. Is 18/25 too far off, maybe 20/27.
Lets trim some weight off this piggy and see what she can do.

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