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Classic EV

Soooo. I'm the guy building the biodiesel 1955 Buick. As I near the finish line I have my next project in mind. I have a source for a 48v electric forklift motor and used batteries. :-) Anyone see where this is going? HA HA HA Soooo I have a basic concept. I want all electric, flat (ish) roof for solar panels, and some room for batteries. I don't need distance, looking to build a "city" car. I dont like much beyond 1965. Thinking for weight advantage and battery room.... 1920's or 30's pickup, but I want to survey folks.... What should my first classic vehicle EV conversion be????

P.S. keep it budget friendly, and no drop tops. so.... no dusenburgs etc... LOL (although if I found a free Bugatti type 57 I wouldn't be angry)

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