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Factory aluminum intake manifold? I did not know that, that's pretty neat. As for the wheels, there was a time when I remembered the backspacing that worked best with a 15x7 wheel on the back of a G-body, but it isn't ringing a bell anymore. I try to tell myself that I am not that old and that everyone still runs 15 inch wheels so I tend to repress memories of pro-touring nightmare sized wheels lol. My buddy just sold a set of 15x7 & 15x3.5 Convo Pro Centerlines from one of his Grand Nationals for $400. Maybe that stuff is more common up here, but it is still out there, don't lose hope. And yes Ford did have aluminum spare wheels. The two common ones I can think of are from later model Town Cars or Thunderbird Supercoupes. But they are 16 inch, so good luck finding a 16 inch tire that will fit onto a 3.5 inch wide rim. The other aluminum spare was from fox body 5.0 Mustangs, but only the convertibles had the aluminum ones. 15 inch, so you can at least find tires skinny enough to fit them, but they are a 4 bolt pattern so unless you have a 5 bolt pattern redrilled in them, they won't work for you. That's if you can find one. I used to have a pair that I had scrounged, but I lost one. I to this day have no idea what happened to it lol, how do you lose a big chunk of solid aluminum with a tire on it?? But as far as I know, GM never offered an aluminum spare wheel in 5x4.75. I would think that if they ever did it would have been in a Corvette back before they went to run flats and got rid of spare tires altogether, but my plastic pig has a steel, run of the mill space saver.
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