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I might be the odd duck here but might I recommend converting something as small and light as possible. The lighter you go the less voltage, batteries, maintenance and expense there is to do your conversion and the more range you likely can get.

So the "best" (in my mind) vehicles to convert are

1. Subaru 360 (900-1100lb truck, car, station wagon or vw bus lookalike) 40 miles on 40ahr of lithium is very impressive indeed, regardless of voltage. These are rather common and easy to repair.

2. most any Renaults from prior to 1960

3. Certain peugots

4. Japanese Kei cars (which include pickup tucks up to 1 ton but small) prior to the government ban (aka you can legally get pre Regan ban 1985 year and older imported and on the road, normally)

5. Bubble cars, like the BMW Isetta

6. HMV freeway (sorry I had to)

7. King midget (some folks really decorate these things up beautifully, they are a true hobby lobby kit car erm jeepster)

8. If you do some F glass work perhaps a model T or any 30's era pickup, once the big iron block is out of there they would convert nicely, you may wish to streamline fenders sort of like the old buicks though and lower since they aren't aero friendly but better for in town driving.

9. VW Dune buggy or VW Ghia

10. Random old honda n360, toyota and other classic japanese cars and trucks which are very light D1000 comes to mind.

11. Various MG's

12. Citroen 2cv

Good Luck and remember to also ecomod the body since you will likely be replacing panels anyway.
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