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Front bumper / airdam / undertray intake on 4x4

Looking to finalise my front end, up to about version 3 by now.
I've had various airdam types, but have decided to get more rounding in the front.
As with many 4x4's I have a bullbar (push bar) on the front like the first pic below, but I have upper grille blocked and have airdam across the bottom of the bar and infront of tyres to just below axle height.

This version is more undertray across the centre and curving to airdam infront of the tyres, radiator & combustion air intake currently is where the winch opening is, just below licence plate, but after more reading about front ends, undertrays, ground clearance & wheel air deflectors I am planing another version.

Basically I want to round the entire front down to the winch opening level, then for the air intake I would use a mesh grate as the undertray, roughly positioned like the bash plates in the two photo's attached, but angle would not be quite as steep.

The rounding at the front would deflect air around and over, any air passing under would firstly be drawn through to the intake and radiator through the first half of undertray (mesh) as there will still be pressure there as the 2nd half undertray (solid) will be angling down towards the axle. This should almost create the effect of having a 4" lower airdam.
So looking at turning it into a bottom breather.

So just looking for any input.

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