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Does anyone have a list of the states that hemp is legal to grow for industrial purposes?

I'm totally with you on this Allan. I have said for years the the hemp/marijuana prohibition is nothing more then a ploy by the US government, but never did I think it was to protect the oil companies, but that's an interesting point you bring up non-the-less. I had always thought, and I'm sure this has some merit of truth to it, that it was because back when they started this whole "war on drugs thing" many years ago, that the head of the FBI (or whatever division it was) needed another drug on the list to make it pass because, at the time, it was the most used drug in America, meaning that they would make a killing off of making it illegal and fining those who used/possessed it. Now, not to turn this into a debate about making drugs legal, but I completely agree with you on everything you just said about it not being harmful (there are scientific studies proving it that have come out in the last few years that they are just as bad, if not maybe a little better for you, then cigarettes) and the fact that the other product you can make from it, hemp, could do so much good in the country, that it's silly to think they would ban it and not some other things I can think of.

But I digress *stepping down off soap box*, it makes me wonder, though, where the hemp I buy for my necklaces and such come that the Canadian stuff you were talking about Metro?
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