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Yeah, went to bed and thought about what I wrote and how twisted it was,
Most of my travel is road touring, some off road, but not hard core.
I expect to lose a bit of the approach angle, but the goal is to present a rounded and upward angled face to oncoming air, this will effectively slice the airflow at the lower level of bullbar, then do the combination mesh/undertray for air intake and to deflect excess air under front axle and I want to look at some specific detailing for fairing infront of the wheels.

The first version was basically just a lower air dam that was straight across, but I felt it was throwing too much air out the sides and increasing apparant frontal area.
I think with vehicles like mine, 12+" ground clearance to axle, there is more allowance to let air go under, particularly if you do some smoothing on the underside.

I will get some better pic's to try to explain idea.
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