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Originally Posted by HydroJim View Post
Hopefully it's many miles before we find out, but I hope they are designing their systems so that they are easy to work on.
That's part of the equation: simple, easy to maintain, easy to work on. Take the suspension for instance. Depending on final design, it's possible for the entire front assembly -- strut, spring, wishbones, hub, caliper, pads, disc, etc -- to come off as one piece with a handful of bolts.

At around 40 lbs, you can remove it, carry it to a workbench and repair without being under the car. How's that for easy? You can see what I'm talking about in the fourth image.

Speaking of image, it'd be great to get some feedback on those images. 200 views, but no one's participating.

Maybe there'd be more participation if the subject said:
"89 mpg gas, 244.8 MPGe electric, before ecomods or hypermiling!"
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