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Hello. Aero camper van

I am the new owner of a 1995 Dodge Ram conversion van. This is the first car I have ever bought as I have always relied on bikes to get around (and borrowing my wife's car... but I didn't BUY it) Anyway, we got this van so we can take long roadtrips in style. And I got it so I have an outlet for my need to fabricate cool stuff! I am looking forward to using the resources of this forum to help me as I modify this rig into a semi-self-sufficient aero life-pod.

Ideas I am especially keen about:

What are the highest yield changes I should make to start? (Aero vs. engine mod vs. driving habits)

For aero, what is highest yield? (belly pan vs. boat tail vs. wheel covers vs...)

For drivetrain (gas Chrysler 5.2l V8, fuel injection), what is highest yield? I have very little knowledge when it comes to engine mod.)

I just wanted to say and if anyone knows of threads relating to van modding or any other great threads/projects please point me there. In the meantime I'll be browsing the past...


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