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Originally Posted by pete c View Post
I love the modular systems concept. With the VLC it could even be used with the drivetrain. Having a vehicle where you could drive it until the engine got tired, pull the engine, strap it to a skid and fedex it back to edison2 who would give you a core credit for a new/rebuilt one.

This addresses the concerns some might have regarding longevity of a 400cc engine driving a 4 passenger car.
There are multiple 42year old + 4 passenger subaru 360's still on the road with 200k and the original 360cc motor, true the owner did lots of regular irritating maintance ever 10k (replacing bolts & springs & cleaning & spark plug cleaning & carb crapola) but many are more or less original (many also are not and blew up with a hole in the piston but that stemmed from another issue not "quality" related.

So I would argue size does not mean reliability, hopefully they make sure in the case is doesn't. Since its is very easy to overbuild a small motor as compared to a big one with minimal weight variation.
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