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1990 Miata with 3 cylinder gas engine in Michigan

This is an unusual project/experiment that was completed about two years ago. The goal was to build an ultra high MPG Miata. The car will get 50+ MPG on surface roads and 45 MPG on the highway (summer). Winter mileage is less.

The car is currently registered and is still being driven.

This project was a low budget experiment and the 1990 Miata I used was rusted beyond repair.

The value in this project is limited to the custom drivetrain and associated parts. The car is more or less worthless. Every part of the car is rusted, dented or is damaged. The car is being offered whole so the new owner can transfer the drivetrain to a better car. You should not consider buying this car if you do not plan on transferring the parts to another car.

The car is located in Jackson Michigan 49203. The car can be driven to its new home but I wouldn't recommend a cross country trip.

The build thread is here Suzuki G10 3 cylinder project. - MX-5 Miata Forum

Admin note: there's an EcoModder thread as well:

What you get:
1990 Mazda Miata that is worthless, but has excellent tires.
1996 Suzuki G10 three cylinder engine (GEO metro engine)
1986 Suzuki Samurai five speed transmission.
Custom driveshaft
Custom motor mounts
Custom oil pan
Custom oil pick-up
Custom cooling system
Custom distributor relocation brackets
Custom clutch brackets and pedal assembly
Custom transmission mount
Custom shift linkage


Slight oil leak when engine is running. Leak is a pin hole high on oil pan.
PPF has several stress cracks. This shouldn't be an issue because the PPF should be eliminated when the drivetrain is transferred.
The samurai transmission has a noisy bearing. doesn't effect reliability.
...and of course everything related to the rusty 1990 Miata is suspect.

The car is slow off the line but its fun to drive. Top speed is 75-80 MPH. I'm selling the car because I have already built another high MPG Miata and I don't need two of them. This car would be perfect for someone who wants to improve on my results.

I have no idea of the value so I'm seeking to just recover my costs. The current asking price is $1700.00 and is firm. I realize money is tight these days and I am also open to trades. Interesting trades include Miata hardtop + $$ or Hardtop + a clean interior.

Email me at if interested.

G10 powered Mazda MX5 45+ MPG(sold)
B3 powered Mazda MX5 40+ MPG
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