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Cool extra features

Would this be possible, or just a pipe dream?

I have a big solar array that puts out about 300V 16A Mpp. I would love to be able to plug my EV's directly into it without using the grid-tied inverter.

Is there a DC bus on this charger that could accept this power? It seems if the charger can accept a wide AC voltage range like 85VAC > 265VAC, it would need to rectify the AC at some point, ending up with a wide DC bus range.

Would it be possible to plug the solar array into this DC bus??

Also, the EV's I'd like to charge have battery packs ranging from about 40VDC to over 600VDC. Would it be possible to work with this range? Would some modifications (that are not normally worth it) be possible?

Thanks a bunch,

- E*clipse
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