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NameGoesHere - '15 Volkswagen Golf TDI SEL
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So I changed the timing belt/water pump/valve cover gasket. It went well after I got the pulley bolt off..
Runs great now

But I have an idle problem.. its always been there.. I'm thinking maybe that it is the EGR valve..
So it is idling and sometimes it idles REALLY low.. then dies. Only occasionally though. and when its warming up it idles then the motor shutters just slightly.. not an injector, already checked that, and it isn't the prominent..

Any ideas? ill probably clean the EGR anyways.

On to the next topic. MPGuino.

I finally put about 430 miles on it with the MPGuino so I filled up and fixed the settings.. It works right I think but a couple of quirks I'd like to point out.. and suggestions or words of advise would be great.

RPM's are off. How do I change that to be right?

Instant mileage fluctuates from around 60mpg to 150mpg while driving down the freeway sporadically.. Is that normal?

Once I hit 70 MPH my speedometer on the MPGuino starts to freak out and go from 70+ to 68 to 69 back to 75. Its wierd.. I don't know if this is because of my VSS or what..

Current Mileage: On the way back from filling up, on the freeway, the current milage got clear up to 90 MPG.. is that accurate? cause that seems a couple 30 mpgs off haha.. or is that just how it is right after the fillup?

And does anyone know exactly how big the 89 HF tank is? No one online has a definite answer.. Ive read 10.4G then 9.9G then 11G.. So i set it at 9900(seemed most logic) which is 9.9 Gallons, correct?
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