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Actually, this is something that has interested me for a long time, as I started rebuilding/tuning an old v6 engine many years ago(I just can't seem to finish it though) And a lot of independents tryouts and test around the world, through many years, seems to conclusively find the same increase in low end torque and more controlled detonation in high compression (and turbocharged)engines. It will most likely only give fuel savings if you take advantage of the mod with raised compression, leaner mix or higher gearing though. And it has not been around long enough to tell for sure what negative consequences it may have over time on daily driven vehicles.(ergo, no manufacturer wants to do it yet)
I think it would be mostly recommended for weekend racers that need to use their car/motorcycle on a daily basis too, and for those who don't mind taking the head(s) off their engine once in a while just to check it :P
I haven't heard of problems with cracking heads, but some have seen soot deposits over time
It is not a unicorn, but there needs to be more scientific testing done...
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