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The only car I've driven with trailer tires was a Honda N600 and with trailer tires on it had lousy handling and that was in a car that seldom is driven over 40mph, switching to real car tires made the car driveable! it drives and handles like a real car, at least as good as my parents Geo Metro!
Real tires made it feel like you had control going around corners, small bumps in the road didn't make you feel like you were going to die and you had traction! it was amazing what real car tires can do, I'm not sure I would use a trailer tire even as a spare tire if I had to go over 25mph, granted that car has 10" rims, so there was only one option we could find for real tires for it and they were back ordered for a few months, but I'm pretty sure that if we could find 10" car tires that you can find more then a few 12" tire options.
Your other option of course is to get 13" geo metro rims.

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