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Originally Posted by Greenblazer View Post
If you were to study the issue like I have you too would be convinced that Marijuana Prohibition is not because it is a dangerous drug(it's not), but it is illegal to protect the profits of the oil companies, and the pharmeceutical companies...
No, I wouldn't be convinced. The theory might be credible if it were ONLY marijuana that was illegal, but there's that whole flock of other drugs to consider. How do the oil companies profit from prohibiting cocaine, LSD, or any of the others?

Nor do I think the pie-in-the-sky projections for hemp growing are realistic. I mean, it's a plant, right? And not significantly different from other plants. It'd be a useful crop (I have a couple of hemp fiber shirts that I wear hiking, which are much more comfortable & durable than anything else I've ever tried), but hardly a panacea.
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