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Just did a 881km trip, with about 50km in town driving and the rest on the express.
I used almost 55 liters of lpg. That gives a FE of about 6.25l / 100 km.
It is one of the best FE that I managed to get running on lpg. This time I used the vacuum gauge and kept the vacuum at about 15, with slow acceleration.
With this level of throttle the car would go at about 80 to 85 km/h.
Pretty slow, but eventually I got there.
So the FE would translate to 37.64 MPG ... on lpg.
Considering the price difference between lpg and gasoline, it would come to an equivalent gasoline FE of about 3.6 l/100km ( that is 65.34 MPG ). It`s better than a diesel
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