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I've owned my HX since Aug '12 and have basically the same findings as you [OP]. Although I notice the exact same in/out of lean burn requirements with the CA ecu. If I drive the car more often, it seems to LB more easily. The other day during one drive cycle it took WAY longer than normal to achieve LB. Quite annoying as I hate having to go that slow for it to kick in. Leads to my additional bullet:
  • Once initially achieving LB in a drive cycle, it will go back in very easily and at higher and lower speed/rpm. Highest I've seen is ~75mph. At ~80mph LB kicks out (due to rpm I think).
I'll try MMO in the future, but really don't see how it could make a difference. Never noticed any difference in achieving LB with TCW3, or FP60 fuel additives so far.

Also, check your speedometer accuracy with GPS or scan gauge. My reads 4-5 mph too slow at speeds above 30mph! Verified with GPS and my ultraguage. Stock tire size.
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