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Car static-electricity shock, Need help

My car has been shocking me every time I get out of it. I know it's from static electricity... At first the shocks were small and not too bad but its getting to bigger and bigger shocks. It's tearing up my nerves cuz I HATE getting shocked and I deliver pizza so I have to get out of my car 20-30 times a day and I'm scared to touch any metal after getting out.

I tried kicking the door shut, it shocked me through my shoe, I tried pushing it shut with the empty delivery bad and it made it WORSE some how, totally different type of shock.

My wife was making fun of me looking like I was gonna cry over a static shock so I got back in the car, shook my butt in the seat and got back out, shocked her and she was like "Damn! whats wrong with your car?!" haha. I think the seats are like a static factory, anyone know how to prevent this?

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