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small engine surging/backfiring/runs hot

Have a 7hp tecumseh or so snowblower that finally had to start up not long ago, it starts fine but once warmed up it starts backfiring then surging. Under load it smooths out noticibly but once i'm not plowing 26 inch high drifts it's back to sputter and backfire. It ran so hot that the exhaust manifold was glowing ORANGE when I was done at night which is probably not good... (and maybe I even damaged it but didn't notice while running it or I would have stopped, coulnd't see til it was in the dark)

I'm pretty sure it's bad-gas related, it ran flawless in october when I put some gas in, didn't start it til december/never seen gas go bad that quick before but thats the first time it ran poorly like this. Ended up not even able to keep it running until later on a warmer day in january and using new gas to dilute the old let it start finally but then it did this surge/backfire routine when warm. I just had it serviced/cleaned the previous year so it's not years of built up varnish/it's all from just one recent crappy tank. :-/ Is this something that some off the shelf additive could maybe help dissolve and get out of the carb? After burning $170 to get it running last season I can't even afford to do it again this year with other bills, and though I can turn wrenches on some car stuff i'm not comfortable with disassembling things with lots of tiny loseable parts and such to DIY though if there were some simple/easy instructions on how to disassemble a few key parts, things that wont explode 50 tiny springs gears and levers across my dirty garage floor, to spray some cleaner in some places then put back on I can do.

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