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Of the 5 bikes I now own, my favorite is my Suzuki TU250X. The others are a 71 CB350, 87 Yamaha SRX250, 87 Honda Rebel 450 and a 05 Kawasaki Vulcan 500. My average speeds are just under 40 MPH. It usually takes me a little less than 35 minutes to ride 20 miles, through 23 traffic lights.

Best tank for the 2009 Suzuki was 98 MPG, worst was 80. It has a low fuel level warning light and I have no problem with consistent refills. EFI, catalyst, pushing 6k miles with two oil changes. Bought it for $2300 with 2800 miles.

A scooter would be a total frustration for me since it could not average anything close to 40 MPH. I started riding again after decades on a Kawasaki Eliminator 125, which got about the same mileage as the Suzuki and I had to run it full throttle to keep up with traffic, which although it is not necessary, is essential for timing the 23 ights in 20 miles.

I usually only get caught by 2-5 and those are not timed for the road, but tripped by crossflow traffic, and very stupidly at that.

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