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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Roll your own: a few years ago we had a member who was working on a method of converting data logged from the OBD-II interface into a BSFC map. I had a look ... but couldn't find the thread I'm remembering.
MetroMPG, I just had an idea on how I could gather the data for a BSFC chart. I have a Ultra-Gage that I could set up to show:
Fuel gallons/hour
Commanded AFR
Boost Pressure

**Torque is not the real number, but I can scale it to known values

Here's where my lack of electronics knowledge and skill comes in:
I was thinking I could mount my GoPro Hero camera looking at the UG display (which updates every 1/2 second). I could record runs at different throttle settings and go back thru the videos to pull out data every few seconds. Runs in taller gears would let things change more slowly, but runs to high RPMs in higher gears could get me introuble with the law. Maybe do the runs in lower gears on steep hills.

So once I figure out how to scale the Torque number to something reasonable, I could calculate hp from Torque and RPM. I'm thinking I could have lines of constant boost pressure on the BSFC as well... I could also create an AFR plot.

I could run both 87 and 93. My intercooler is currently blocked off, so I'd have to open that up.

Lots of potential problems, any comments?

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