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Originally Posted by 13B_88FC View Post
Yes the reasoning makes sense. I can easily see how it would warm up the engine quicker, but, at least for my driving habits, that wouldn't be very beneficial.

Comparing cold start efficiency isn't a good comparison because the engine is cold. A warm engine, even on a day with cold temperatures will not necessarily have a problem evaporating fuel due to the heat from the warm engine right underneath that throttle body.

Also, if you want to increase operating temperature, why not just change your thermostat?

This is my understanding: there is some point at which the intake air is "warm enough" to not have efficiency losses, and I never would have imagined that you would need to modify your intake to achieve that. I suppose it would make sense, if you do alot of cold starts, to do the modification to improve warm up time, but it would still cost you power when the engine is warm.

Even on relatively cool days (40 degrees), if I open my hood, it is plenty warm and I can't imagine the intake air being much colder.
The issue I have is NOT with my t-stat, as it is already the maximum available opening temperature, and is working as it should, as of my last drive. What IS the issue is the temperature of the AIR going into the engine cylinders through the intake manifold, from outside the engine compartment's exhaust manifold side, where a lot of the heat-flow seems to be concentrated.

Also, I'm basing my idea on a "heat riser" on the intakes of older, carburated vehicles to not only warm my vehicle up to operating temperatures faster, but to also keep the intake air temperatures warmer than outside-the-vehicle temps, or even ambient engine compartment temperatures, as well, using heat off the Exhaust Manifold to do so.

Plus I'm not looking to increase Horsepower and Torque in the upper RPM band (3300-5000), but to improve fuel efficiency in the mid-range power band (1650-3300 RPMs). In fact, I DON'T give a Rat's Fat Ugly Tuchus about upper RPM band gains, as I've already done a number of mods on my engine block for better air flow (Ported and Polished Head, Roller-Tipped Rocker Arms, Anti-Pump-Up Valve Lifters, Oversized Intake & Exhaust Valves).

All I REALLY care about is squeezing as much fuel efficiency out of my I-6 as I can, based on what I've observed over the years as to what works v.s. what doesn't, even if my Upper Power Band suffers. Cold Air Intakes have NOT worked for me in my current vehicle's application, so I'm going the opposite direction to see what that will do, that's all. Do you now understand my reasoning a little better?

Plus your having mentioned your own driving habits as you did, would suggest you're a Jack-Rabbit-Style Skinny-Pedal-Stomper from all stopped positions, at least to my way of thinking, not someone who eases their foot onto the gas pedal in a common-sense manner, like I always try to do. I also have to wonder if you've got one of those Coffee-Can-Mufflers on your car, like one of those Rice-Rocket-Honda-Boiz. If so, then I'll just have to start calling you "Fart-Knocker-Ricer-Boi" whenever interacting with you on this forum, from now on, just to get my lols, heh, heh, heh.

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