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Been there did it Had no choice but liked the results.
94?xfi I had in mid 90s I ran may pops lost a tire near Yuma Arizona.
Other side on rear had big blisters had no spare due to large speaker in that locale.
Hardware place had 2 that were a little narrow but would fit the Geo wheels.
He mounted them with hand tools no balancing and moved good tire up front.
Put them on the back. worked awesome! 50 psi never had probblem.
rear tires outlived set of Invictas I put on front a year later.
Geo rear brakes are an afterthought. the narrow tire with z stripe tread pattern cut through standing water better than the invictas with enginne weight and wind down force on them could clearly see the tread through front tire marking behind car.
I tried them on front 1x not good scarey sliding stop that I thought would never end and found out a xfi Geo could now burn out!
Much harder compound too hard for front end.
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