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Yes higher gearing makes a lot of sense with a car this light. I'm going to research the gearing options on the TeamSwift website. As I remember some Suzuki manual transaxles do have higher (lower numerical ) final drives, I think the 4 cylinder models and the XFI economy 3 cylinder version? And I could also go up to bigger diameter wheels as well. That way I might have the choice of some nice light alloy wheels and high pressure LRR tires, although it is hard to find wheels and tires that are skinny enough! The stock steel wheels are 12" diameter and just 4" wide, with a 145/80 tire, which is plenty for this light little car, it will just be driven mildly. I can just use the OEM wheels and get Yokohama Y372 tires, which are (marginally) available in 145/12 and are a good all season tire. They weigh just 11 pounds, but unfortunately are only rated up to 32 psi. Not very exciting, but adequate. And I'm not ready to run space saver spares. Any suggestions?
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