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Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
That 260 and 235 MPG figure are based on the carbon fiber concept version, right?

So we can expect that to drop..
This is the production car as you see it here. Its being hand built out of carbon fiber by VW with bodies assembled by a sub contractor in Austria. Its not going to be cheap.
Production of the XL1 will be pretty much made by hand in Osnabrück. The CFRP monocoque is produced by a supplier in Austria using the RTM process, which is the way carbon fiber components can be mass produced. The body is built without doors or lids, while individual CFRP components are joined to one another in the body shell frame by gluing. The two wing doors are produced in a separate production stage including their crash reinforcements, since high precision is needed as carbon elements cannot be reshaped afterwards.

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