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need rim advice for my CRX

OK so i need to lower my RPM at speed on my CRX HF..

so i found 2 tire sizes that will work wellon mycar to increase tire size yet keep rolling resistance low..

option 1 - 155/80r 15" however i need some 4.5-5.5" 15" rims for these to fit..
Option 2 - 185/70-14 Low ROlling Resistance tires.. need 14" rims for this

Now any one aware of any 15" 5.5" rims in a honda 4 bolt.. what car would i find these on for junk yard scrounging

Same goes for the 14" what cars had honda 4 bolt in a 14" rim..

I'm ok with steelies as they will be cheap .. ideally cheap is good ..

I know insight rims would bolt up for the 14" but i dont want to invest huge cash, and id really prefer the 15" if doable.


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