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Originally Posted by Dragonova View Post
Which is PULSE= steady footing on that gas pedal and never I never repeat going above 2000 rpms ( keep your cool) GLIDE= coasting in neutral on all declines and flat leveled roads no highways.
Now this method was originally for rural roads (unpaved) hence the modified version I said I was taught. Which is as you may have guessed paved modern roads also this method involves rpm matching which is a whole other ball game. This method can be used with manual and automatic transmissions. Again I was taught this and practice this method for over 6 years I do not recommend rpm matching in a automatic transmission. But with the pulse and glide method I an able to achieve 50-56 Mpg constantly.

I like the 'never going over 2000 rpm' bit. high rpms are very inefficiant.

Why do you not recommend rpm matching with an automatic trans?
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