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Originally Posted by 13B_88FC View Post
Yes, two completely different engines, that I wasn't trying to compare.

the later model 13b twin turbo's in the 3rd gen rx7 produced up to 276 hp (limited by japanese regualtions)

There were no 4 rotor street engine produced by mazda, however their 787B which won lemans (and of course was later banned) was a 4 rotor NON-turbo with 650hp.
650HP?!? WOW!!! That's MORE than 50% greater than what the original design proposal I read about stated the HP would likely be! Well, it's kinda too bad the engine was banned, but maybe that was due to the cowardice towards such an innovative engine design from Mazda, by their competitors. My understanding of such an innovative engine design is that, amongst other things, its Redline RPMs would top out at OVER 15k, at least in theory, even if not in practice.
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