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Originally Posted by Blue Angel View Post
Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I'm new here and just read through this whole thing noticing a common specification error that was never corrected.

The 2008 Z06 in this test has a 0.50 6th gear. All C6 Corvettes have a 0.50 6th gear except the Z51/GrandSport (0.57) and the ZR1 (0.68), along with a 3.42 final drive. The ZR1 is the only C6 Corvette geared to do its top speed in 6th gear, all others do their top speed in 5th.

The gearing for the 2014 C7 Stingray has not yet been announced, but the manual transmission will have 7 (seven!) gears, no doubt the highest of which will be nice and tall for freeway cruising. Looks like the Corvette will be keeping its position as an ultra-efficient supercar.
...and, you'll find the Cruze, too, reaches it's aero-limited top speed in 5th gear rather than 6th least that's what most of the car magazines seem to report.
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