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yeah but ideally i want to go to the junk yard and say " I need 4 15" or 14" steel wheels from a *insert car make, model and year*."

Our junk yards aren't user freindly.. they wont even let you scrounge the yard like they used to.. I used to buy more stuff as I would find cars with cool add-ons mine didn't have.. or stuff from other makes that would work for my car. You have to know exactly what your looking for then ask and they go find it.. talk about a waste of labor.

So I need to know what cars came standard with 4x100m in 14" and in 15" steel rims

I'm leaning the way of the 14" LRR tires.. however the 15" would get me lower revs... and are skinnier , I don't know there rolling resistance but it been quite well proven the skinnier they are there going to have less rolling resistance. The height diffrence is about 2-3% difference between the 14" and 15" tire..

Maybe do 4 donuts for ultimate skinny tires but that's scary

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