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The VLC 4.0 nearing platform completion. notice airbag, HVAC and full instrumentation provisions from an android based dash control in house designed. This car is under 1000 lbs made of stamped metal and castings with a full implement of 10 kw/hrs of battery as a driving platform. It has 4 seats, 15 Cu Ft of trunk space and room for an ICE if hybrid is desired, all with a CD less than .17...
I really hope these numbers are right. If they are, it seems to me that the VLC blows the VW 1L out of the water. I still wanna see that little TDI hybrid drive in the VLC though.

I think it comes down to VLC's basic architecture. Deflection is a hell of a lot lighter than absorption when it comes to crash safety. As Oliver has pointed out, it doesn't matter what sort of unobtanium you build it from.

I suspect we will see this architecture from others a lot in the future.
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