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I guess this thread brings me to a strange question.

My fathers enclosed trailer has 15" trailer tires, they are very old and in very good shape, we had one that had to be replaced because it kept leaking by the rim, we remounted an old tire from our buick after a good cleaning and dousing with rim sealant.

They have many miles, have always sat in the sun and are not weather checked and also have decent tread. They also have 4 ply sidewalls, I have not seen that in normal passenger car varieties.

My question is why is it when I go to buy a trailer tire it costs significantly more than a normal car tire?

This makes no sense if they are total crap.

I always thought trailer tires were
1. Bias
2. HD rated thick and heavy (for high weight ratings)
3. Designed for longer storage time.

Is this how old tires were or certain brands or what is the deal?

My father has an old trailer we use for brush and whatnot and the 8" trailer tires are over 35 years old and still work OK and look pretty good.

Just curious.

Also I have used trailer tires and space savers on my C-car, bad ride but they seemed to work good enough in that application.

Must be the influx of cheap chinese trailer tires or something making them garbage.

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