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CBC did call, and I talked for maybe 15 minutes. So maybe we'll get something on the radio soon. Got me thinking, I really should ecomod the smart. I'd nearly be tempted to offer up a Scangauge to the winning submission on what to do... but that would leave me to make it still... so uh... off to the drawing board. perhaps a set of skinny wheels and tires and rear fairings would do the trick as a start. (Leftover idea from gassavers)

I'm getting 3.0 in daily driving right now, well, 2.7 to 3.2, somewhere in that range

Scangauge II: Group buy pricing - $149.95 Canadian funds! And FREE shipping!

Best mileage to date: 2.23 L/100km - 105 mpg (US) - 126 mpg (imp)
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