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Best rate of acceleration is fairly brisk, about the normal rate for traffic here which also has the benefit of not creating anger in those around you. Best mileage amounts to best conservation of momentum, which means avoiding braking at almost all costs, with the exception being, for me, light timing which when poorly executed will quickly destroy average mileage.
I don't average as good as many, but in my normal drive of 20 miles I have to contend with 23 traffic lights, most of which are bunched together in less than half of that drive. There is a very precise average speed (47-49MPH) that must be maintained to limit the number of lights caught from 0-7 in the 46 total in a round trip.
My blood pressure literally jumps when I get caught by one of the tripped lights that can never be timed, which is a shame when that could easily be corrected by placing a "no trip" time period exclusion in the light programming.

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