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Originally Posted by Varn View Post
Still the Vw puts out torque at the mid range The Jetta 1600 puts out something in the range of 68 hp and 115 foot pounds. How does that compare to a v twin? I don't think you would find it a slug. No sport bike but not slow. Certainly better than a 400 NA single.

I would like to see it set in your Katana frame.
The 1.5's are considerably less potent, but they also drove a 2500lb car to 60+ via the 4 speed, so they're not at all 'terrible' on the list of engines out there.

I've got a spare Kat frame I need to cut a section out of for a street fighter build, so I'll set it clumsily overtop a 1.5 [as it's taken out of the car] so you can get an idea of how it fits.

Keep in mind, the Kat uses a 'detachable cradle' to mount the engine and then mounts the rear of the engine between the frame spars where the swingarm mounts. I'll get a representative shot of that and edit it to reflect the engine's original mount arrangement as well. I don't believe I have a spare cradle, but they're only a few 50 bucks or so.

FYI, the Street Fighter project I mentioned above may actually BECOME the diesel Katana... I'm just not as interested in putting the 750 motor and trans back into the bike as I was when I started on it in December last year, and would rather have something more 'evil' and 'dirty' and 'mechanical' looking. Mad Max style, if you will.

Also worth noting that I may not even /need/ the cradle considering the mass of the 1.5... it might very well make a good candidate for a partially stressed engine block being iron and all, with simple mount plates to connect the old cradle attachment points to the engine for a 'full stiffness' effect similar to the original bike.
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