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As a 2010 Prius driver myself, I feel sorry when coasting to a red light, seeing all the rabbits change to the other lane beside me. I guess the rabbits are assuming that I will be accelerating as slow as a I decelerated. I can imagine their frustration when they see that they misjudged my acceleration intentions (I do like laying on a little bit on the acceleration - keeping it under or at 70 hp is still rather efficient in a Gen3 Prius in terms of BSFC, within 5% of max BSFC) Note I want to get from A to B almost as quickly as the next guy but with keeping my eye on efficiency. It can be amusing at times when I pass the typical gearhead driver that was trying with all his might, and the light turns green just as I'm passing him in the other lane. If he does make up a little time with his racing, those few seconds made up are all lost (and more) with the extra time at the pit stop (fueling).

Not just in driving but in any pursuit really, it's amazing how much more efficient people could become with a little more logic and a little less emotion. Now if Toyotal could get the next Gen Prius to recover a lot more regen and minimize the round-trip battery charge/discharge losses (maybe using supercaps), then even "not so smart drivers" could boost their city mpg.
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