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The current header on the bike, provided i can use it [configuration issues] is tubular mild steel and fairly light compared to the shorter iron manifold.

The intake will be replaced with filtered stacks to save space and a little weight, although it's cast alloy already and fairly light. I hope to be able to replace the oil pan and pickup with either a dry-sump setup or a smaller pan, as it's kinda large and hangs a bit, but that's not in the cards any time soon [more research and parts cost].

It's not so much that a 50hp bike is underpowered - it's certainly not - but more that it's a huge addition of weight, especially if I use a 4 speed gearbox setup with it [another 60-100lbs] and may be considered a bit of a 'pig' in terms of bikes. 700lbs of engine and trans is HEAVY when there's another 200-300lbs of frame, suspension, parts, 170lbs of rider, etc. Still not 'slow' by any means, but piggish comparatively.

Depending on which way I need to mount the engine [crank direction], I can probably cut and flip the header so it points in the correct direction, despite that it doesn't /actually/ fit the engine's port design [yet], it still works fine and never seemed to limit power, also took away most of the smoke I was getting, indicative of increased airflow over the original cast hunkapoop manifold.
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