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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
The current header on the bike, provided i can use it [configuration issues] is tubular mild steel and fairly light compared to the shorter iron manifold.

The intake will be replaced with filtered stacks to save space and a little weight, although it's cast alloy already and fairly light.
For the sake of performance, I would try at any cost to keep the intake tract lenght.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
I hope to be able to replace the oil pan and pickup with either a dry-sump setup or a smaller pan, as it's kinda large and hangs a bit, but that's not in the cards any time soon [more research and parts cost].
Car engine oil pans are not designed for leaning angle, at least an oil pump swirl pot would be mandatory I think.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
It's not so much that a 50hp bike is underpowered - it's certainly not - but more that it's a huge addition of weight, especially if I use a 4 speed gearbox setup with it [another 60-100lbs] and may be considered a bit of a 'pig' in terms of bikes. 700lbs of engine and trans is HEAVY when there's another 200-300lbs of frame, suspension, parts, 170lbs of rider, etc. Still not 'slow' by any means, but piggish comparatively.
You are very right, the weight is number one issue because of what is gonna require of extra strenght in the handling departement.

I believe a VW 1500 or 1600 diesel is a very poor candidate in this department because it ended life in 1,9 TDi engines up to 150 hp so it means it was a little on the over-engineered side.

I would try and find a 1,5 Isuzu as found in Opels or a Peugeot unit again in 1,5.
There also is a very nice Fiat 1,4 turbo diesel.

How sourcable is it for you, I have no idea (you're in the US, aren't you ?) ?
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