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"ecomodding" ideas for my Ford Taurus???

I have been on this site a while and haven't posted lately, but it is summer now so I'll have quite a bit of free time. I have a 1997 Ford Taurus and need some ideas for making it aerodynamic.

I would like to make an underbody shield, but I have read that my car is an "underbreather" so I'm afraid that a shield will cause my engine to overheat.

I know I want to do something with my mirrors, but AFAIK there aren't any aftermarket mirrors available that fit my car. I absolutely will NOT survive on the road without mirrors, so removing them is out of the question. Perhaps there is some kind of cone I could attch to it to decrease the front surface area?

I want to do something with the front of the car, but I don't know how to attch it, because I don't want to damage the paint, and I would like ti to be removable. I go SCCA solo races sometimes so It would get wrecked if it was permanent.

I also want to do some kind of wheel skirts or something, but my car is narrow at the bottom so the wheel sticks out a lot, so a flat skirt will not work unless it's just like the top 5 inches. And, how do I make wheel skirts on the front? Is that possible?

I would also like to make some kind of shield to cover the wiper blades, but I'm not sure how something like that would work.

I also want to remove my radio antenna, but I use the radio everyday. Is there a way to run a wire to the sheet metal or something so I can still recieve a signal?

Here is some pics of my car so you can get an idea of what I have to work with:

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